• How can I place an order?

    You can order directly on our website or authorized retailers.

    Ordering from Canada?
    Visit the Official Slurp Laboratories Canada Store instead.

  • Why am I limited to 2 bottles per formula?

    Due to high demand, we would like to make it fair to all customers to be able to make their purchase too without running out of stock. This is also an effort to prevent resellers who purchase in bulk to retail our formulas at a higher price.

  • Is there a discount code for first time customer?

    Due to high manufacturing costs that involves heavy research, advanced technology & high quality ingredients - discount codes are not feasible. Increasing retail price to accommodate a discount code is redundant.

  • Do I have to pay for taxes?

    We do not charge taxes and only receive your payment for your purchase on our site. Depending on your country's custom regulations, you might be subjected to tax charges in relation to your order's total. Any fees for receiving goods (including but not limited to Customs taxes/duties and clearance fees) are the buyer/receiver's responsibility. Orders that have been placed on hold by the destination country's Customs office due to Customs fees or requirements that were not settled/submitted are not refundable.

  • Is there any refund policy in place?

    Tax: Depending on your country's custom regulations, you might be subjected to tax charges in relation to your order's total. Any fees for receiving goods (including but not limited to Customs taxes/duties and clearance fees) are the buyer/receiver's responsibility. Orders that have been placed on hold by the destination country's Customs office due to Customs fees or requirements that were not settled/submitted are non-refundable.

    Incorrect Order: For incorrect order that’s still awaiting dispatch, refund and order modification is still possible. Feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to provide immediate assistance. However, if your order’s shipping status shows it’s in progress, as much as we want to, were unable to modify the order nor stop the shipment, hence, not eligible for a refund.

    Return policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 14 days upon delivery, you may return the formula to us and we'll process a full refund for the price of the formula (shipping and return shipping fees are non-refundable). Refund may take 5-10 working days to be credited back to your original payment method.


  • How soon can I expect results?

    You can expect to see a change in your skin’s brightness overnight. Fading of blemishes and healing of indentations is prominently observed during days 3-7 and continues improvingcumulatively.

  • Is Niacid cruelty-free?

    Niacid is 100% cruelty-free and not tested on animals (like every formula we develop). Snail mucin used in formula is obtained amicably without harming or hurting snails.

  • Is Niacid vegan?

    No. But all ingredients (except snail mucin) are plant-derived.

  • Is Niacid suitable for sensitive skin?

    Niacid is formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin with a hyper-focus on science-powered skin reconstruction & healing as opposed to stripping for instant but damaging results.

  • Is Niacid suitable for pregnant, nursing women?


  • Can children and teens use Niacid?

    There are no age restrictions however we recommend using Niacid only if you possess the skin concerns that Niacid was developed for: Acne scars (post-inflammatory erythema/pigmentation), Indentations (Atrophic scars), Hyper-pigmentation, Damaged skin barrier, Psoriasis, Dullness.


  • How soon can I expect results?

    You can expect to notice an altercation within the first week of using Hyaluid such as plumper skin (decrease depth of wrinkles and fine lines), reduction in sagginess as well as refined contours. Hyaluid continues to effectuate and maintain results overtime, ultimately restoring a younger appearance to your skin’s maximum capacity.

  • Why is Hyaluid called a supplement?

    A vast amount of youth dependent molecules has a half life of less than a day in the skin. In other words, 50% is metabolised (breakdown) within a day. And while your body and skin produces them on it’s own, it’s ability to produce an adequate amount is ever decreasing resulting in chronic deprivation that translates into ‘signs of aging’. Hyaluid refills your skin with optimal levels of these molecules, however requires continual supplementation to maintain a young skin environment - just like drinking water curbs dehydration and fatality is an every hour and day measure - hence should be thought of as a supplement. As much as anti-aging products claim to permanently ‘erase’ a wrinkle, the reality is that aging is a natural course of life, enhanced by inevitable uv exposure, pollution etc thus a supplementary replenishment and defence system is required.

  • Is Hyaluid cruelty-free?


  • Is Hyaluid vegan?

    No. While every ingredient is vegan-friendly, hydrolysed collagen and elastin are derived from marine sources.

  • Is Hyaluid suitable for sensitive skin?

    Hyaluid is formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin. We believe that skin should be respected as sensitive, whether diagnosed with sensitive skin or not - hence every formula we develop will be tested on and cater to sensitive skin types.

  • Is Hyaluid suitable for pregnant and or nursing moms?


  • At what age should I start using Hyaluid?

    While Hyaluid is safe for every age group, the ideal minimum age to adopt Hyaluid is 18 years old given that your body (and skin) is still capable of producing the adequate volume of core molecules that upholds skin’s youthfulness till then and wouldn’t necessarily need additional support. Whether you adopt Hyaluid in your 20s or 60s, Hyaluid does the exact same thing: resurrect and preserve a youthful facial anatomy to your skin’s maximum capacity.


  • How soon can I expect results?

    You can expect to see results the morning after polishing with Decalt. Reduced congestion, minimized pore appearance and silkier skin texture. This observation fluctuates over the few days and weeks as deeper, microscopic or macroscopic impurities decongest at different rates along with the re-regulation of skin’s microflora, mantle, cellular turnover and sebum production overtime - before results are maintained.

  • Is Decalt cruelty-free / vegan?

    Slurp Laboratories is a cruelty-free brand and stands against animal harm and testing. Decalt is 100% Vegan.

  • Is Decalt suitable for sensitive / dry skin types?

    As with all formulas developed, Slurp Laboratories consider skin delicate and ‘sensitive’ by nature even if not clinically diagnosed. This means that every formula caters to all skin types including hypersensitive. Decalt is also suitable for dry skin types.

  • Does Decalt cause peeling?

    Decalt may or may not cause peeling depending on the amount of keratinocytes and corneocytes buildup on the surface of your skin. If you experience peeling, this phenomenon will improve over a couple of weeks.

  • Is Decalt suitable for pregnant, nursing women?

    Yes Decalt is safe for pregnant and nursing mommies.

  • Does Decalt increase sun-sensitivity?

    Decalt does not increase sun sensitivity (by paper) What this means is that the concentration of chemical exfoliants Salicylic Acid 0.5% and Gluconolactone 5%is concluded not to increase susceptibility to sunburn. Gluconolactone in fact protects against damage of UV radiation due to it’s potency in scavenging free radicals. While we honor science, experiments and research findings - we still do advocate for the daily application of sunscreen especially when any chemical exfoliant is present in your routine including Decalt.

  • Is Decalt suitable for teens?

    Yes, Decalt is suitable for teenagers onwards. Decalt is also safe for pre-teens suffering from open/closed, (non)inflammatory comedones. If none of these concerns are present, Decalt is not necessary for the sake of ‘prevention’ or ‘optimizing cellular turnover’ as skin is functioning holistically during this age bracket.

  • Can Decalt be used over eyes and lips?

    Yes, Decalt is eye and lip safe. However we do not suggest using Decalt around the orbital area unless there are concerns in that area e.g Milia to be treated. 


  • Does Hydromer contain silicones?

    No, while Hydromer has the ability to prime - it is free of silicones, fragrances, alcohol and dyes.

  • Is Hydromer cruelty-free / vegan?

    Yes, Hydromer is a vegan formula. And as with all our formulas and brand value, Hydromer is cruelty-free.

  • Can Hydromer substitute the need for sunscreen?

    No, while Hydromer possess photoprotective properties - a dedicated sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 is still necessary even indoors.

  • How long does Hydromer protect my skin for?

    Hydromer forms an invisible, breathable film that safeguard skin for the entire day. Because it is a macromolecule, it does not “evaporate” or fully sink into skin.

  • Is Hydromer considered makeup?

    No, while Hydromer has the ability to retouch skin’s appearance and prime - Hydromer is a 100% skincare formula that holds true to Slurp Laboratories’ standards for skin health.

  • Is Hydromer suitable for oily skin types?

    Yes, Hydromer is suitable for all skin types and balances out oil-hydration levels, regulating dryness or oiliness overtime.

  • Do I need Hydromer if I do not wear makeup?

    Hydromer was developed to shield your skin against inevitable irritants to prevent potential inflammatory triggers and enable uninterrupted healing first and foremost. If your skin is susceptible to irritation / congestion from dust, city pollution and even sunscreen formulas - Hydromer is recommended. Or if you just want that unmistakable dewy skin appearance, with a host of additional benefits.


  • Is Gel a Cleansing Gel?

    Gel is a moisturising, soothing body that holds multiple cleansing methods in a single formula through a chemically perfected structure and proportion that enables both oil and foam cleansing to co-exist and function independently throughout the cleansing journey – from breakdown > lather > rinse

  • Is Gel adequate a cleanser if I apply waterproof makeup/sunscreen daily?

    Yes. Gel was developed to perform as a stand-alone cleanser: oil cleansing when applied onto dry skin then lathering up into a deep, gentle foaming cleanser - trapping and rinsing every last trace of impurity away residue-free

  • Can Gel be used as a second cleanser?

    Yes. There is no contraindications or to employ Gel after using makeup wipes, cleansing water, an oil cleanser or any other forms of cleanser you typically use first

  • Why is Gel 340ml?

    Gel’s volume was a decision to reduce carbon footprint as an online-exclusive dispensary. As a formula that will be repurchased frequently, we wanted to reduce the number of times you need to repurchase (and hence ship) while at the same time offer a lower $/ml by producing a higher ml/bottle 

  • What is the pH level of Gel?

    Gel measures a pH level of 6.3 (+/- 0.5 in variation of device or environment)

  • Why is Gel bluish-green?

    Gel is composed of natural ingredients such as Malachite Gem, French Auvergne Clay and Sulfur - altogether presenting a formula with a bluish-green hue

    *Gel, as with all formulas developed by Slurp Laboratories, does not contain any artificial dyes (colouring)

  • Is Gel Vegan?

    Yes. Gel is 100% Vegan

  • Is Gel suitable for pregnant, nursing moms?


  • Is Gel fragrance-free?


Preparation B₅

  • Is Preparation B₅ cruelty-free?


  • Is Preparation B₅ vegan?


  • Is Preparation B₅ suitable for pregnant, nursing women?


  • Is Preparation B₅ recommended for teens?

    Between the ages 9-19, the body experiences a surge in hormones causing the overproduction of sebum potentially harmful for the barrier. To treat a compromised barrier, acne and/or clogged pores, it is recommended to complement Preparation B₅ with Decalt per necessity.

  • Is Preparation B₅ suitable for sensitive skin?

    Preparation B₅ is intently formulated to be welcomed by any skin type including hypersensitive.   

  • What makes Preparation B₅ a Complete Concern Concentrate?

    A compromised skin barrier is one of the unknown root causes behind skin concerns. By internally restoring a healthy barrier, Preparation B₅ creates a resilient and unlikely environment for a complete suite of concerns to recur.

  • Does it serve as a moisturizer?

    Although possessing moisturizing properties, Preparation B₅ is primarily a barrier-restoring and complete concern addressing solution. 

  • How does Preparation B₅ differ from other barrier-repairing products?

    Rather than merely supplying the skin with components that make up the barrier, Preparation B₅ is designed to stimulate the skin's innate barrier-forming production and revitalize its repair and defense mechanisms.