Decalt 150ml

Decalt 150ml

Liquid Cream Polish

Decalt is an acidic decongestant focused on treating 
chronic congestion (blackheads, whiteheads, acne,
milia, papules etc) and decreasing pore diameter

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Treats chronic congestion

Mechanism: Comedone dissolution & impurity expulsion

As a whole, Decalt embodies a composition similar to skin’s sebum, an intentional design to seep and linger in pores where a precise dose of Salicylic Acid and Polyhydroxy Acid dissolves excess sebum and the bond holding dead skin cells together - the 2 main constituents of open / closed, inflammatory / non-inflammatory comedones (e.g whiteheads, blackheads, tiny bumps and acne)

In conjunction, a pinch of Volcanic Ash draws deep rooted impurities & accumulated particulate matters to the surface overtime while slow-dripped Korean wormwood (a Mucoactive ancient herbal medicine) loosens and expels reachable toxic foreign bodies - polishing skin on a multi-layer, multi-dimensional approach without the common defect of damaging skin’s barrier, outmaneuvering the ironic sequel of recurring congestion that develops a resistance.

Decreases pore diameter

Mechanism: Manage epidermis turnover & sebum production rate

Decalt has a pH of 3.5 +/- 0.5, an acidic nature ensued by 0.5% Salicylic Acid and 5% Polyhydroxy Acid, 2 chemical exfoliants in experimentally sharpened concentration and nanotechnology (contained in spheres that protect, control release and deliver precisely)

A stagnant epidermal cell turnover (the process of which new skin cells replace dead ones) breeds a buildup of dead Keratinocytes on skin’s surface and within hair follicles. That pile up results in dilated pores. As opposed to rapturing cells (lysis) to rid dead skin cells other chemical exfoliants carries out - Decalt simply disrupts cellular junctions, the bond between dead skin cells, so they finally break free and shed; clearing and making room within pores to retract.

Excessive facial sebum content at any one point inflates the area size of pores similar to a buildup of dead skin cells, stretching it overtime. Given a lipid (oil and fat) proportion that mimics skin’s natural sebum while being antimicrobial: Decalt layers pore walls with a coat of sanitizing moisture, signaling overactive sebaceous glands an adequacy of lubrication and bacterial defense, the 2 core functions of sebum - maintaining a healthy sebum secretion rate at all times, among secondary benefits. Doubling down, Volcanic Ash Extract blots excess sebum and physically tightens pores - holistically regaining pore’s original diameter.


Retexturize skin surface

Mechanism: Modulation of matrix degradation & dermal homeostasis

Inflammation and the disruption of skin’s barrier results in uneven, bumpy or even wrinkled skin texture. Inevitable factors such as aging, acne or sun exposure brings rise to inflammation - deforming and disorganizing protein structures in the extracellular matrix (the central hub for skin repair) Decalt suppresses the function of MMPs (Matrix Metalloproteinase - an enzyme released during inflammation usually at unregulated levels), responsible for degrading proteins such as collagen, elastin etc This supervision prevents corruption of processes that are meant to contribute to healing - repairing and upholding skin’s plumpness and surface texture - doubly enhanced when paired with Hyaluid in a single routine.

Harsh cleansers or tap water neutralizes the pH of skin’s surface which is by nature acidic. This weakens skin’s natural guard against antigens and bacteria from entering; moisture and ions from exiting. A compromise that leads to bumpy pores, roughness, imbalanced skin type and ultimately poor light reflection. Decalt maintains epidermal homeostasis (regulation of cellular process by the constant adjustment to maintain stability needed to function properly) by acidification. This first and foremost inhibits the colonization of pathogens such as Cutibacterium acnes and Streptococcus pyogenes while encouraging the growth of normal skin flora - dampering the formation of tiny bumps, acne and other comedones. Consequently, an acidic environment stimulates the independent production of lipid molecules (ceramides, fatty acid, cholesterol etc) required for the mending of abnormalities in barrier function and cohesion. Along with a high dose of mineral delivery loaded in Icelandic Glacier Water often deficient but essential - Decalt supervises a silken, reflective skin surface quality overtime.